How to Quickly Fill Out the Trading Post Traveler’s Log in WoW (September 2023)

This mounts the crab.

Another month, another Traveler’s Log to fill out. For the uninitiated, filling out your monthly Traveler’s Log by completing listed tasks earns you points which reward Trader’s Tender and, upon reaching 1000 points, a unique reward. Let’s take a look at the quickest way to fill out this month’s log.

September 2023 Traveler’s Log Guide

We have a few usual suspects to net even the most casual PvE players some quick points, but all of these should be a pretty small ask for any player, especially since a lot of them feed into each other. Here’s my recommended list that isn’t reliant on timed events such as holidays:

Defeat 25 Raid Bosses (250): This is simple – you can use legacy raids to complete this task while also making attempts at rare mounts, such as Invincible from Heroic Icecrown Citadel.

Defeat 50 Dungeon Bosses (200): This sounds daunting at first, but if you use LFG to farm cash via the Call to Arms buff it’s a cinch. You can also use legacy dungeons for these if you’re in a rush!

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Complete 30 Quests (200): This ties in with another task below – you’ll quickly see that we’ll be targeting tasks which overlap for maximum efficiency.

Complete 15 World Quests (150): This also counts towards your 30 Quest task! I would recommend tackling Dragon Isles World Quests, since it helps with the next task also.

Earn 4000 Dragonflight Repuation (150): This ties in very nicely with our World Quest Task as well as the Aiding the Accord weekly quest. If you pick that quest up in Valdrakken, you’ll be rewarded an additional 2000 reputation when turning it in.

Craft 3 Shadowflame Crests (150): If you do much of any endgame content at all, you should be swimming in these. Any variety of Shadowflame will do, even the ones you get from Zaralek Caverns activities and LFR!

You may have noticed this puts us 100 over our needed 1000 point threshold. That’s by design! If, for example, you don’t feel like doing 50 dungeon bosses or endgame content for Shadowflame Crests, there are plenty of other options for you. And don’t forget, we’re getting an end-of-month catchup buff, so don’t worry if you feel you’re falling behind!

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