The Best Way to Make Some Quick Gold in WoW Dragonflight

... unless you play a DPS-only class.

You might play games to escape real life, but the specter of inflation haunts even virtual spaces like World of Warcraft. In Dragonflight, prices of just about everything have soared that players regularly have stacks of hundreds of thousands of gold at a time. Long gone are the days when a mere 10 gold was a king’s ransom, so how do we keep up?

How to Make Gold Fast in WoW

Keep an eye on your Dungeon Finder, and when the Call to Arms buff appears over a role you can fulfill, quickly join to secure the bonus. Sorry DPS, this bonus is a serious rarity for you outside the occasional LFR wing. If you play a three-role class like Paladin or Druid, you’ll be absolutely rolling in bonus buffs.

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Once you join the queue and blast through the dungeon, you’ll receive a Draconic Satchel of Cooperation. Your queue times may vary, but a typical Heroic dungeon at this point in an expansion lifecycle shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes or so. Open your satchel to find about 1000 gold, as well as Draconic Augment Runes. The gold is nice, but the Runes are where the real money is. List these on the Auction House for over 1,000 gold each.

The Runes should sell in the blink of an eye since they grant stat bonuses sought after by high-end raiders, being mandatory in mythic progression. I’d say this method, when the bonus is up, nets me about 5,000 – 6,000 gold in roughly 15 minutes. It’s not an endlessly grindable method of farming gold since you’re at the whims of the Dungeon Finder, but I find it very reliable in a pinch.

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