WoW Trading Post Rewards – September 2023

Let's get crabs.

WoW’s monthly trading post has become one of my chief reasons for logging on lately – particularly during the late-season lull we’re currently in. As we wait for the next expansion announcement (which will probably happen at Blizzcon this year), let’s take a look at what September’s Trading Post Brings.

Trading Post Class Rewards: Priest, Paladin, and Rogue

This month features some class-specific sets for players to purchase with Trader’s Tender. Each of the following armor sets are 450 Tender, while weapon sets are 500 Tender.




All in all, I like these sets! Especially the Priests. I wish the weapons fit the color scheme of the armor – it’s a little odd, but maybe it’ll spark some creative transmog ideas.

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Trading Post Reward September 2023

The big reward for filling out your Adventure Guide this month is the Crusty Crawler Mount! It’s pretty exciting since, previously, the only crab mount was linked to an insanely lengthy collection of Nazjatar achievements.

These mounts walk sideways, FYI. You know, like a crab does. It sure is unique, but I am hoping for more Dragonriding mounts in the future!

Other notable inclusions this month are the Homebrewer’s Sampling Crest (a new back armor appearance), as well as the return of the Trusty Treasure Trove back armor. If you don’t play any of the aforementioned classes, these are about the only things likely to catch your attention this month, so it’s a good time to save up some Tender for the future.

If you’re worried about unlocking all the rewards this month – don’t be! Blizzard announced a catch up mechanic which kicks off during the last week of the month, which should allow you to progress your Adventure Log more quickly.

Speaking of events ending, this is your last chance to unlock the Kalimdor Cup rewards if you haven’t yet! Our guide on Kalimdor Cup rewards should get you sorted, just remember it now ends on September 5!

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