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How to Private Exfil in COD DMZ

Get to the chopper!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Private Exfil COD DMZ

Up until Season 3 went live in Warzone 2, there were only two different ways to leave the COD DMZ mode without dying, and they are almost always dangerous. With enough resources in hand, players can finally start using a Private Exfil to escape the AI and the Operators in the Extraction Zone.

Along with the Private Exfil, there is another fresh escape option that can be utilized in Season 3, and we’ll discuss all of your options within our COD DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – How to Private Exfil

To use the private escape in an extraction zone, you’ll need to find one of the Buy Stations on the map that usually appear in one of the major POIs, but they can appear in smaller locations as well. When you reach any Season 3 Buy Station, there will be an option in the top left corner of the gear purchases that allows you to buy a Private Exfil.

These are going to cost you $50,000 in cash at the very least, so you and your squad will need some valuables to sell or a few contracts completed beforehand. When you decide to cash in on the Private Exfil, a fresh location with the blue extraction zone will be marked on the map and you need to make your way there for the final escape.

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Another method for leaving the extraction zone within the COD DMZ is the Heavy Chopper, which was added for use in the mode with Season 3. Once you picked up the Plate Carriers and Backpacks that you want, look toward the airport and find some chopper fuel to get going. You can leave the boundaries of the map with this chopper to officially exfil with all your loot. As long as you’re aware of the danger around the map, you should be good to go.

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