How to Prevent Paul from Being Slain in The Password Game

I never agreed to babysit a chicken

The Password Game Prevent Paul from Being Slain

The hardest part in The Password Game is definitely keeping Paul safe. While he seems like a chill guy at first, he gets incredibly annoying after a few extra Rules start kicking in, making completing the game a dreadful experience that I wouldn’t recommend not even to my worst enemy. 

Paul can die in a few different ways throughout your playthrough, and if he does, it’s game over. But you probably learned that the hard way already. But while we save this heinous chicken from harm permanently (he doesn’t deserve it either), we have a few tricks to keep him kicking for a few more minutes. Here’s how to prevent Paul from being killed in The Password Game.

How to Save Paul from Getting Killed in The Password Game

As soon as you get to Rule 17, Paul becomes your new (inverse) best friend. “This is my chicken Paul🥚. He hasn’t hatched yet, please put him in your password and keep him safe.” To proceed, just copy-paste Paul’s egg somewhere in your password. 

But anything that happens to him from now on is considered as “slaying” Paul. Complete with a Souls-esque death screen. So don’t move Paul around or erase him. This is valid for both his egg self and his chicken form (we’ll get to that later).

The first biggest problem is when Rule 20 starts. A fire is spreading, and if it happens to catch Paul, he dies instantly. Delete the fire emojis from the password as soon as possible, but be careful with Paul’s egg. Sacrifice the rest of your password if you need, but don’t let the flames take him.

Despite the bumpy road, things get easier until you get to Rule 23: “Paul has hatched! Please don’t forget to feed him, he eats three 🐛 every minute.”. And that’s why everyone hates Paul.

From here on, you need to give Paul at least one worm (by pasting the emoji in the password) every 20 seconds, otherwise, he dies. But if you feed him too much, he also dies. And this doesn’t stop, regardless of your next tasks in the game. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

So you gotta watch Paul constantly and never forget to feed him for a second. There’s no pause button here, so you can’t leave the game unwatched either. And you can’t overfeed him, so don’t think about just adding tons of worms for him at once.

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You can give him a maximum of three worms at a time. Letting him have four or more is the equivalent of feeding him the Grimace Birthday shake. Those three worms last for exactly one minute, and if you don’t replenish them in the following 20 seconds, Paul’s gone and so is your run. Filthy little spoiled bird. You wouldn’t last a minute in the wild.

Let’s have a quick recap: 

  • Don’t remove the Paul emoji from the password;
  • Don’t let the flames take Paul in Rule 20;
  • After Rule 23, don’t underfeed or overfeed him.

As annoying as they are, these are the three basic rules for managing Paul. There won’t be any new rules that can directly kill him like 20, but they are all time-consuming by themselves. And while you solve them (and the new problems they immediately create), you also gotta worry about feeding him. The first trial will be going through Rule 24, but I’m sure you can handle it.

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