How to Preload the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

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MW3 Campaign Early Access
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign has an early access period like MW2 did last year, and to save yourself a massive download when it goes live, you should take advantage of the preload. I’ll cover how you can get the campaign early and how you can preload.

How to Preload the MW3 Campaign and Play Early

You can preload the Modern Warfare 3 campaign by preordering the Standard/Vault Edition of MW3 and then downloading the Call of Duty HQ app. After you purchase the full Vault Edition, you can manage the files for the game in the companion app that all recent COD games are thrown under. Even last year’s MW2 is under the companion app.

Campaign Early Access MW3
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If you already have MW2 downloaded on a console or PC, you got most of the download out of the way already. On a console, you can head to the app, open up the game files from the app menu, and then select the campaign preload. Multiplayer and Zombies aren’t available just yet, so don’t worry about those.

The Modern Warfare 3 campaign goes live on November 2 at 1 pm ET, which gives Vault Edition players around one week before Multiplayer drops. Of course, that’s when everyone will be grinding out the new Mastery Camos and racing to the max level, so getting ahead of the game is a fantastic way to ease into this year’s COD.

If you don’t have the Call of Duty HQ app downloaded yet, I recommend just searching for COD on your desired platform and starting the download as soon as possible. With the COD HQ app and the MW3 campaign alone, you will need around 140 GB of space. When Multiplayer goes live, you’ll need even more for that. Overall, everyone will need around 200 GB of space.

After you prepare your campaign, find out whether MW2 2022 maps will be in Modern Warfare 3.

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