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How to Play With Friends in Squad Busters

Squad Up!

While the main theme of Squad Busters is to squad up by getting more and more characters, you can also squad up with a party and play with your friends. There are some steps you have to take to invite and play with your friends, so we’ll run you through all the details you need to know in Squad Busters’ party-up feature.

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How to Invite Friends to a Party in Squad Busters

You might be eager to play with your friends at a party, but first things first – you need to create a Supercell account. You can follow the process directly in the game and log in, but if you don’t have an account, it’ll take you to an account creation page. If you have played any of Supercell’s games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach and you have created a Supercell account, you can use that same account in Squad Busters.

After creating and logging into your Supercell account, you’ll get your own QR code to share with your friends so they can add you, which can all be seen if you tap on the “Friends” button next to the play button in Squad Busters. You can also tap the Add Friends button and put in their PlayerID or scan a QR code to add them to your Friends List.

Once you have done that, you can go back to the main Squad Buster screen and tap the Party Up! button. If your friend has already made a lobby, tap “join party” and ask for the party code or QR code.

You can also create the lobby yourself and give the party code, as seen on the lower left side of your screen, or give a QR code. You can also tap the + button and invite a friend from your Friends List. If they aren’t your friends yet, you have to send the codes.

Once you are at a party, you can play the game with your buddy when you queue up. However, the game is still the same because you won’t be teaming up with your buddies when you play. You’ll have to fight them like any other squad in a normal game.

You can also make a full lobby with all your friends and play a casual game together. Playing with some of your friends is definitely the best way to keep you motivated to play longer, especially if you want to finish that long Gem Pass and get all the character and gold rewards from it. However, if you play with a friend who has extremely strong and upgraded characters, you might be matched with other players with the same power level. There’s no rank anyway, but it is still annoying to lose due to players having overpowered units, especially if you are a beginner.

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