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How to Play Spy Hunter in Gotham Knights

No CRT filter? No save states? What's next, 30 FPS?

by Lucas White

One of my favorite kinds of videogame “Easter Eggs” is when you can play one game inside of another game. There’s the arcades in Sega’s Like a Dragon series, the original DOOM in DOOM Eternal, and even silly, simple things like Snake in Timesplitters 2. It’s such a fun idea and one you can only do in games. Gotham Knights has one of these, and I kinda love it. While it brings a single tear to my eye (RIP Midway you wild sons of guns), thanks to the transitive value of intellectual property you can play a classic arcade game for shits and giggles. Here’s how to play Spy Hunter in Gotham Knights.

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Spy Hunter is in plain sight, sort of. You might totally miss it unless you catch a loading screen tip. That’s how it came to me. The screen said, “hey guy you know you can play Spy Hunter?” and I said, “oh shit where?” Just go upstairs in the Belfry. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the upstairs area until the game told me about Spy Hunter.

You eventually end up seeing the upstairs as part of the story, of course. But this guide is here in case you hear some chatter about Spy Hunter in Gotham Knights and wanna know right away. What’s great about the whole thing is it’s presented as an arcade cabinet the crew has and plays themselves, with a filled-out leaderboard and everything. And the funniest part is who holds the top score.

I’m worse than Jason Todd at Spy Hunter

Turns out the streets of Gotham City aren’t the only streets the Gotham Knights have to prove themselves on. Bruce Wayne: Philanthropist, Superhero, World’s Greatest Detective, and Professional Spy Hunter player. Also, I guess the presence of this arcade cabinet retcons The Rock into the DC Universe well before Black Adam, doesn’t it? You’re welcome for that.