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How to Play Ranked in XDefiant

Put your skills to the test.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Since players have had their hands on XDefiant, there has been a limited number of modes and only Quickplay was available, which essentially serves as the casual playlist. Ranked Play could be seen in the same menus, and after a week of being locked, the competitive mode is finally unlocked for everyone to try.

Considering how new the game still is, the competitive modes are sure to be pure chaos with players running around, attempting to get their bearings. To help you jump into the Ranked mode for XDefiant right away, we’ll cover how to start the mode in our guide and what you can expect.

XDefiant – How to Play Ranked

When you start up the game, you’re brought to the home screen where you can see the challenges, Ubisoft Connect, and the “Play” tab that takes up the most space. Select the “Play” tab and you’ll see three different options. These include standard “Play” mode, Play Ranked, and Practice Zone. When you select playlists like standard play, you’ll be met with options for the modes you want.

For the time being, only Ranked Play is unlocked, and you won’t be able to play the other two options. That means you can simply scroll over to Ranked in XDefiant and start the queue. As a competitive playlist, there is no way to choose the modes you want outside of map voting, so when you hit play, be ready to compete.

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Everyone who is trying out Ranked in XDefiant will start at Bronze and will earn points for each win that they earn. I already tried a few matches myself, and you should definitely beware of bugs or players testing new weapons like the ACR 6.8 still. Considering this isn’t a full release, most players won’t take this too seriously, so have fun and test out the competitive mode. While you’re at it, why not check out our best loadout guide for the ACR 6.8 so you’ll have something to take into the mode?

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