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How to Play Boss Rush Mode in Diablo Immortal

At what point do you become the final boss in Diablo Immortal?

by Daphne Fama

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely because you’re essentially a god among players in Diablo Immortal. Every boss, from campaign to raid, has fallen to your blade or staff or favorite bludgeoning weapon. And now, you want to kill them all very fast. And the best way to do that is Boss Rush Mode. Here’s how to play Boss Rush Mode in Diablo Immortal.

How to Play Boss Rush Mode in Diablo Immortal

If you want to play Boss Rush mode in Diablo Immortal, which is released with the latest update, you’re going to have to prove your worth. This is an endgame challenge that’s essentially a flex on everyone on the server. Here’s how to get involved.

This new boss rush mode is called The Helliquary Gauntlet, which is accessible by defeating Catarag, the Strangling Sun, on Hell Difficulty VIII. Doing this will unlock The Helliquary Gauntlet feature.

But don’t expect to waltz into the Gauntlet just because you’ve taken down this boss. You’ll need a Combat Rating (CR) of 16,988 to take part in the Gauntlet.

If you’ve hit both requirements, the Gauntlet will have you face a series of Helliquary bosses one after the other. The faster you defeat them, the higher you’ll rise on the Helliquary Gauntlet Leaderboard.

If you fail your first time, don’t worry. You can start a new raid as frequently as you like, and you’re guaranteed to receive rewards like Set Items, random Legendary Items, Demonic Remains and more upon your first competition.

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If you manage to secure a top-10 spot on the Leaderboard by the end of the week, you’ll receive the Voidwound Gauntlet Champion Avatar Frame for that the Helliquary Gauntlet season. If you can keep your top-10 spot until the season ends, you’ll get to keep that Avatar Frame permanently! And isn’t that well-deserved?

If you’re not certain how to change the difficulty to Hell VIII, check out our guide here: How to Change Difficulty in Diablo Immortal: Difficulty Levels Explained.

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