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What is the Max Level in Diablo Immortal – Answered

The grind never, ever stops

by Daphne Fama

Diablo Immortal is a mobile adventure game that places you in the events between Diablo II and III, where corruption and cultists run rampant, and you might be the only thing stopping the Worldstone from being pieced back together. And a huge part of this game exists in the form of grinding. Not just for gear, but for levels. But what is the Max Level in Diablo Immortal?

What is the Max Level in Diablo Immortal – Answered

As of January 2023, the level cap or max level you can expect to raise your character to is Level 60. If you’re a Diablo 2 fan, you might recoil at such a low number. After all, you could grind your characters up to Level 99 if you wanted. But Diablo 3 imposed a Level 60 cap and Diablo Immortal has followed suit.

But that doesn’t mean that grinding experience has no point. Once you’ve reached level 60, your experience goes towards Paragon Scores, which are distinct from each character and do not apply to the account as a whole.

There are 5 Paragon branches you can choose from (Vanquisher, Survivor, Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, and Soldier), but not all of them will be available immediately upon hitting the level cap. Many will require a significant grind, but the bonuses you receive for those skill trees are well worth it.

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If you’re wondering how long it will take you to reach max level in Diablo Immortal, you can expect to sink at least 8 to 10 hours in the main campaign. From there, expect to spend at least another 20 hours grinding through end game content like dungeons and high-meta battlegrounds.

While Diablo Immortal has its flaws, it’s a game with a significant amount of content, and there’s no punishment for taking your time and enjoying the ride.

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