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How to Find the Haunted Carriage in Diablo Immortal

What won't we do for Enchanted Dust?

by Daphne Fama

Diablo Immortal is a mobile adventure game that places you in the events between Diablo II and III, where corruption and cultists run rampant, and you might be the only thing stopping the Worldstone from being pieced back together. A huge part of this highly popular game is the timed Zone Events, and while many of them can be lackluster, there’s one that you should make the effort to log in for. And that’s the Haunted Carriage, led by a spectral steed. Here’s how to find the Haunted Carriage in Diablo Immortal.

How to Find the Haunted Carriage in Diablo Immortal

The Haunted Carriage makes its appearance twice a week for a painfully small window. Every Tuesday and Saturday at 12:00 PM, 8:30 PM, and 10:00 PM, the Haunted Carriage will ride into Ashworld Manor. It’s recommended that you arrive a few minutes early to this spawn point. If you’re there on time, and on the right date, you’ll receive a text box asking you if you’d like to participate in the event.

The Haunted Carriage will eventually spawn, moving along a set path. As its led by its spectral horse, it will be attacked by Guards, who will be marked as skulls on your map. Fight off these guards, and you’ll get some decent loot drops (gold and gear). For this reason, it’s best to follow the Haunted Carriage along its entire path instead of waiting for it at its final destination.

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Once the carriage arrives at its stop, the boss will spawn in. This world boss is called the Tax Collector and it will immediately begin attacking any player who is escorting the Haunted Carriage. The Tax Collectors attacks can be devastating, but its attacks come with very clear animations, giving you ample time to get out of the way.

Kill the Tax Collector, and you’ll be rewarded with Experience Orbs, consumables, and 6 pieces of Enchanted Dust. And the Dust is probably why you’re here. This rare upgrade material can be a pain to farm, making the Haunted Carriage one of the best ways to load up.

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