Starfield Kepler R Ship
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How to Paint Your Whole Ship Quickly in Starfield

Individually coloring ship parts is mind-numbing.

There are certain aspects of the Ship Builder in Starfield that can make the experience quite painful. The ship weapon assignment system for one is confusing at first, even if its reasoning for being there makes sense. One other issue many run into comes when trying to make your ship look pretty. Here’s how to paint your whole ship quickly in Starfield.

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How to Paint All Parts of a Ship at Once in Starfield

Starfield Pelican Green Color
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To paint your entire ship at once in Starfield, either double-click on PC or double-tap RB on your controller when hovering over a part of your ship. This will highlight all parts of the ship in red. From there, press the Color button listed at the bottom of your screen. This will let you change the color of all ship parts and all three individual colors of each to whatever you’d like, all with one drag of the color slider.

From here, you can safely change individual colors on certain parts of your ship to add accents if you wish. For my example, I made a Pelican from the game series Halo, so I didn’t want to change any additional colors. If you want to do a ship that’s black with a highlight of some sort, though, this can cut down on time significantly coloring individual pieces.

Can You Color Multiple Parts of Your Ship Without Coloring the Whole Thing?

Starfield Dragonfire II Ship
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If you’re looking to color around half of your ship a certain color but the other half another color, this unfortunately isn’t possible without manually changing each piece. If you want to speed the process up a bit, you can use the method listed above to color the whole ship one of the colors you want, then edit the remaining pieces as you see fit. It isn’t perfect, but it beats manually changing the color scheme.

If you’re looking for help with other parts of the Ship Builder, check out our guide on the best Reactor in Starfield.

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