How to Open Stuck Doors in Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

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Stuck Door MW3
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Open Combat Missions allow you to explore the map and loot new weapons in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, but some of those items are behind stuck doors. I have an easy solution to help you open these doors and grab the loot that you deserve for TF 141.

How to Unlock Stuck Doors in the MW3 Campaign

To open stuck doors in MW3, you need to find an open window and shoot the wooden chair that is keeping the door shut. As soon as you destroy the wooden chair, it blows up into little pieces and the door instantly opens. Now you can head into the locked building and claim the loot that is on the floor or in orange chests.

  • Stuck Door MW3
  • Stuck Door Chair in Modern Warfare 3

If you played the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, then you may be used to having to craft wedges to pry open the locked doors. However, that crafting system isn’t present in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. There is no use for it in the Open Combat Missions especially, so you can scratch the crafting solution off your list.

When I tried opening the stuck doors for the first time, I checked the roof of the small shack as well and I wasn’t able to find any skylights like there were in MW2. Even though there was a ladder, jumping into the building from the top wasn’t an option. So smashing the chairs is really your only choice.

After you get inside, most of these locked buildings will have two doors. The other stuck door will have the same exact kind of wooden chair acting as a wedge on the handle. Just shoot that side as well and the same effect happens. The door weirdly swings open like a Ghost is in the area.

With so much loot to claim, learn how you can unlock weapons in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

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