Modern Warfare 3: How to Acquire a Keycard in Deep Cover

Patience is key

Keycard Modern Warfare 3
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Deep Cover is the first true stealth mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign where getting caught isn’t an option and your main goal is to acquire a keycard. It’s easier than you might think as long as you have the patience to wait for the right swipe at the card.

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How to Get the Keycard in MW3 Deep Cover

To acquire a keycard in Deep Cover, you need to follow the Kastovian Major who leaves the front doors after the checkpoint, and then watch as he enters the building in the lot. The Major will head to the top floor and Nikolai will suggest taking him out while he is along. However, the top floor is not the best area to take him out.

I followed the Kastovian Major to the office and there was another soldier in there. Even if I took them both out with a suppressed pistol, the base would be alerted and there would be no way to fight your way out. Eventually, Laswell will simply die. After the checkpoint reloaded, I waited for the Kastovian Major to leave the office.

When he heads back down the stairs, he will loop behind the same building on the first floor. This is your chance to follow him and take him down without anyone noticing. If you’re fast enough, you can use a stealth takedown so there is no chance of guards hearing the shots. The pistol should still work but it’s not as safe.

Now that the Major is taken down, just acquire the keycard by taking it off the ground. Laswell now has the access she needs to enter the main building without any more speedbumps. The mission doesn’t last much longer at this point, so consider it done and watch more chaos unfold in the next cutscenes.

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