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How to Open Level 1 Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter and picking the lock with magic

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Open Level 1 Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

You must have seen many closed doors while wandering throughout Hogwarts; in order to unlock them and see what is on the other side, you will need a way to pick those locks. Like most other things in Hogwarts Legacy, magic is the answer! The particular one you need for this is Alohomora – so, let’s figure out how to get it and open those Level 1 locks.

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How to Open Level 1 Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

Each lock has its own level, so you will notice simple Level 1 locks very quickly. To open them, you will need the Alohomora spell, which is unlocked by regular progress through the game – you can’t miss it. The caretaker Gladwyn Moon will give you the quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” – it’s the main quest #22, which will introduce you to some weird Demiguise Statues and let you learn Alohomora.

Alohomora belongs to the Essential Spells class, which means that you will not have to equip it separately. Once you have learned it, you need to approach the Level 1 lock and cast it to start the unlocking mini-game. In order to unlock the lock during the mini-game, you need to rotate the gears with the left and right analog sticks (or Q, E, A, and D keys on PC) until they are in the correct position, see the green light turn on, and then hold in a position until the lock is broken.

In order to unlock Level 2 and 3 locks, you need to continue the quest line with Gladwyn and find another Demiguise statue, which requires more progress through the game and additional exploration.

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