How to Open a Museum in BitLife

Make your museum as simple or wacky as you wish.

How to Open a Museum in BitLife
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Museums in BitLife are challenging to manage. The barrier of entry is high with its hefty startup costs, but you can make millions with the right items on display. While there are ways to make things slightly easier, you can expect the process to take time, effort, and dedication. If you want to dive into the world of directing your own, the first step is figuring out how to open a museum in BitLife and begin your item-collecting adventures.

BitLife: How to Open a Museum

Opening a museum requires purchasing the Black Market expansion pack for real money and paying $5,000,000 in your character’s local currency. The Black Market expansion costs $5 or your regional equivalent and is not included in Boss Mode. Once you purchase the pack, you can buy a museum for $5,000,000 in your Assets menu by selecting Museum and either applying for a mortgage or paying it upfront.

After opening your museum, the next step is collecting goods to display in your main wing. Your options range from buying exotic pets to collecting artifacts and other collectibles through auctions. You can even dive into the black market to pick up items, but you risk finding fraudulent goods or getting caught by the authorities. Purchasable items like the Hollywood Star and Assassin’s Blade are also excellent to display if you have them.

Once you find some items to display, head into your museum, pick the main wing, and insert a possession into an empty display case. As time passes, you’ll have to polish the exhibit to keep its quality high. Alternatively, you can replace it with another item or remove it altogether.

After aging up, you’ll see an annual report of your museum’s financial stats, appeal, and traffic, indicating whether you should swap out items or add additional possessions on display. With this information, you can gauge whether your museum is profiting and whether it is worth opening another wing.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. Be sure to check out how to join a storage unit auction in BitLife to learn more about the game’s Black Market expansion pack.

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