How to Obtain Knifey in High on Life

Listening to any of Knifey's advice is a one-way ticket to space jail, if this place had any laws

High On Life released on December 12, letting players delve into a world steeped in surreal silliness and over-the-top (but fairly gore-free) violence. You play as a human who has been saved from potential extinction or enslavement by Kenny, a talking gun. Earth, your parents, and everyone you know and love (except for your sister) has been taken over by the G3, a drug cartel that goes from planet to planet, making drugs out of the species it finds.

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It’s up to you to stop them, strapping on a used bounty hunter suit. Kenny is your first pistol, who offers both the familiar voice of Morty of Rick and Morty and bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. You’ll need this if you want to obtain your second weapon, Knifey.  

How to Obtain Knifey in High on Life

Knifey is an essential part of the team, necessary not only for its ability to sling you through levels with a whip-like grappling ability but for its ability to stab. Stabbing is a big part of the game the way I play it. Once you’ve obtained your first bounty, head towards the slums. Successfully flatter one of the red or blue aliens controlling the door to let you in, then head down the long, descending corridor into the slums.

You’ll meet an annoying child here who really, really wants you to stab him. You can stab him if you like. His mother doesn’t care. Past this chute, you’ll hit the open area full of shanty town-like buildings, a lake of neon green sludge, and plenty of ants. Dispatch all the ants in the area, then head towards the fisherman at the end of the pier to ask about where to head next.

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The fisherman will tell you to head towards the laundromat, which offers a secret entrance into your first bounty’s lair. Make your way over, using your Glob shot to knock down the bridge, and you’ll encounter a door. Through it, you can hear people talking. One of which is obviously a knife because it keeps talking about stabbing.

Knock, and they’ll ask who you are. Answer saying you’re the buyer. They’ll open the door and let you inspect the merchandise – a red, hideous knife with bulging eyes. It also has a foul mouth. Hold it, and the knife will ask you to stab everyone in the room, including yourself. Oblige part way and stab the ants who were attempting to sell you the knife.

They’ll immediately die, and now you own a knife. Excellent! Congrats on your terrible new friend and your new achievement, Bring A Knife to a Gun Fight, worth 20 gamerscore.

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