How to Master the Piano in BitLife

Show off your musical ability!

How to Master the Piano in BitLife

Learning a new instrument is a fun activity to spend your time on. Yes, we’re here to play BitLife, but weaving our real-world activities into the game makes things more exciting! Or, well, you could be like me and just want to knock out a quick challenge before moving on to something else. Trust me; I understand completely, so I’m here to teach you about piano playing! If you are curious, continue reading to discover how to master the piano in BitLife.

How to Play and Master the Piano in BitLife

To master playing the piano in BitLife, you will have to continue taking piano lessons every year until your skill bar is maxed out. Having the music special talent makes this easier, but it’s still possible without this buff. You can start as early as eight years old and practice up to three times a year!

While you can still easily master the piano as an adult, lessons will begin to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per session. It’s better to take lessons at a young age to save some money!

BitLife Piano Master
When the green bar reaches the end, you’ll officially master the instrument! | Screenshot by Prima Games

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Getting the Music Special Talent

When you create a new character, you can choose between one of several special talents, from music to sports and acting, if you have God Mode. For those who don’t have it, you can randomly gain one of these talents when you start a new life.

If you have the music special talent, you’ll master instruments much easier! You can gain a massive boost to your piano skills and master the skill within two or three years if you’re lucky.

Also, if you start playing the piano in childhood, this perk can give you such a considerable boost that you end up mastering the skill before adulthood, making all your lessons completely free. It’s worth trying out if you want to save time and (ingame) money!

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