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How to Make Spring Egg Bowl in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This bowl holds some secrets

by Madison Benson
Spring Egg Bowl Recipe Disney Dreamlight Valley

During Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Easter Eggstravaganza event, we’re introduced to various new furniture items, recipes and other themed items to make things a little more lively. Three new Spring-themed recipes directly tie to this event, and you’ll have to gather particular ingredients before mixing them up and eating the dishes! The egg bowl is one of the hardest to figure out for a few reasons, but mainly because it is a mysterious five-star recipe! If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover how to make a Spring egg bowl in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Make Spring Egg Bowl in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Spring egg bowl is a five-star recipe, so you’ll need five different ingredients to create this dish. The three new Easter eggs are among these, but what about the other two?

The Spring egg bowl recipe calls for one of each item:

  • Spring V-EGG-etable
  • Egg-cellent Fruit
  • Wild Spring Egg
  • Sugarcane
  • Cocoa Bean

That’s right. For this dish, you need some sugary ingredients! More specifically, you’ll have to throw some sugarcane, a cocoa bean, and some coal into the mix.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Spring Egg Bowl Recipe
Thank you for the confidence boost, Remy

Obtaining Easter Eggs

You’ll get the three Easter eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing WALL-E’s daily and weekly quests. He gives these as rewards, and you can log back in daily for more.

However, even if you complete your daily/weekly quests, you can obtain them in your village. Below are the exact ways to do this:

  • Egg-cellent Fruit – Harvest from wild bushes. You’ll see pink eggs instead of fruit, and they can appear anywhere on the map.
  • Wild Spring Egg – Find them on the ground around the map. They appear as blue eggs and can spawn anywhere.
  • Spring V-EGG-etable – Grow them using V-Egg-etable seeds. Using the other two eggs, you can craft these seeds at your Crafting Station. They take 30 minutes to grow and require you to water the plants twice.

While you can use the three eggs to make Spring dishes, you can also use them to craft furniture to place around Dreamlight Valley.

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