How to Make Money in Cities: Skylines 2

There are ways other than raising taxes.

Cities: Skylines 2 neighborhood
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Cities: Skylines 2 has players creating their own city via crafting road patterns benefit the citizens. The ultimate key to having a successful city is to have a steady cashflow to continually build all the infrastructure necessary to handle the growing population, and here is how to do it.

How to Earn Money in Cities: Skylines 2

There are several ways to make money in Cities: Skylines 2, thought the more difficult part is not overspending beyond your means. Here are some of the methods to make money:

  • Grow the city – Increasing the population means receiving more tax money as long as it is not too high.
  • Export your surplus – Goods, water and electricity can be exported to earn more income
  • Earn Milestones – Milestones are earned by growing your city’s population and infrastructure to a specific amount, and will reward with more cash with each Milestone unlocked.
  • Get a loan – While this is not free money, a loan is an easy way to get cash fast. Just make sure you can build something with it that earn enough money to pay the loan back plus interest.

How to Get Unlimited Money in Cities: Skylines 2

The game does allow players to simply have unlimited money for those who want an easier time and would rather not have to stick to a budget. There are no cheats or console commands involved.

Players will have to start a New Game, then choose from one of the various maps, and then select the checkbox for Unlimited Money. It is important to note that using this option will disable earning any achievements in this specific playthrough.

For other cheats in Cities: Skylines 2, please be sure to check out how to use Paradox Mods in the game.

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