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How to Make Island in Infinite Craft

Water, water everywhere

In this guide, you’ll learn how to quickly make Island in Infinite Craft, as well as some recipes that use the element Island.

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Infinite Craft: How to Make Island

Island is one element in Infinite Craft that is very quick to make. All you need to make is the Ocean, which is also an easy element to get to. First, combine two units of Water to make Lake.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Lake in Infinite Craft

Next, combine two units of Lake to make Ocean.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Ocean in Infinite Craft

The last step is to combine Ocean with Earth, and you’ll have made an Island.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Island in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft: Basic Recipes Using Island

Now that you have made an Island in Infinite Craft, you can use it along with the elements you started with plus the two you made above to fill your element arsenal even further. The following table lists all the recipes using Island and the elements you have from the start, plus Lake and Ocean.

Element 1Element 2Result
IslandShip OR TreasurePirate
IslandVolcano OR Hawaii OR ArchipelagoHawaii
IslandTsunami OR Atlantis OR OceanAtlantis
IslandEarth OR IslandContinent
Infinite Craft: Basic recipes that use Island

Even more versatile than Island are the elements made using Island. The following table shows some of the results you can expect when combining your new elements together.

Element 1Element 2Result
ShipShip OR CanoeBoat
Ship OR Pirate ShipPirateCaptain
ShipTsunami OR Iceberg OR PoseidonTitanic
PiratePirate OR TsunamiPirate Ship
Pirate OR TreasureTreasureChest
PirateHawaiiCaptain Jack Sparrow
Treasure OR HawaiiVolcanoLava
TreasureTsunami OR AtlantisGold
HawaiiArchipelagoHawaiian Islands
Atlantis OR ArchipelagoContinentPangaea
Infinite Craft: Basic recipes that use elements made from Island

Island can be used to make even more complex elements in Infinite Craft, such as Japan. Or, you can exclude the “isle” entirely and just make Land.

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