How to Make an Ancient Gardener in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The most time-saving gardening tool

Some gadgets in the A Rift in Time expansion can make your life a little easier and make better use of your time. If taking care of your crops is a little too much of a burden, take a look at how to craft an Ancient Gardener in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

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How to Make an Ancient Gardener in DDLV

To craft an Ancient Gardener, you will need a Time Bending Table and to upgrade your Hourglass Staff to level 1 (at least). Levels 2 and 3 unlock different versions of the Ancient Gardener, but for the basic one, Level 1 will do; it will cost you 5,000 Mist. 

Once your Hourglass is upgraded and you’re at the table, you’ll want to select the “Ancient Machines” option at the crafting menu. The Ancient Gardener will be an option, along with an Ancient Cooker and an Ancient Vacuum. Remember that the necessary materials to build an Ancient Gardener are two Ancient Cores, three Ancient Gears, and three Ancient Pipes. The process will also consume 2,000 Mist. It’s a little pricey, but the investment is worth it. 

How to Use an Ancient Gardener in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Ancient Gardener will water your crops and seeds automatically without you having to interact with them individually. Place the Gardener on a piece of land where crops can grow, and it will automatically dig 15 spots for you to plant seeds in.

Then, you need to give the Ancient Gardener some seeds to plant. This process will cost some Mist, though, so keep that in mind. Also, note that the Gardener can only plant one kind of seed at a time, so it’s a good idea to plan accordingly which kind of crops you need.

You can return later and harvest what’s grown and plant new things. The Ancient Gardener will keep watering them regardless of whether you or it planted the seeds.


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