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How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Craft This!

by Jordan Lemons

Not everyone is in the game of almighty Minecraft to decorate and make pretty dirt houses. There’s actual progression to this game that requires you to occasionally fight some of these creatures you come across. Whether it’s in the form of a cow or a creepy-looking plant, if you’re in any world other than Easy, you’re going to need some backup.

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How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

Now that we got our sticks, it’s time to do some crafting. But weapons require a bit more room than what’s available in the two-by-two space of the inventory menu. So the next task on the agenda is making a crafting table.

Before you get worried about what items you are going to need to craft such a luxurious item, look no further than those Logs you can collect from trees. These Logs are great for Wood Planks, but even better, these Wood Planks are great for crafting one item into another. Instead of using two Wood Planks as you did with sticks, you’re going to use all four planks from a single Log into the two-by-two space.

Together, these form a Crafting Table and your world can instantly open up a variety of different options that you never knew were available. Collect all sorts of items around the world to see what recipes you can eventually unlock. But for now, we need to make a sword. If you have planks and sticks, you should be able to see the option available in the menu to the left. But it also doesn’t hurt to know the recipe by heart.

Using two planks, you’re going to align them vertically with a Stick on the very bottom. And you’re now fully armed to fight against all threats!

But swords can come in many different variations and strengths in Minecraft. Although it may take some time for you to get some of the more advanced options, here are all of the ones available starting with the easiest to create. 

Stone Sword

The upgrade from your basic sword is going to be the Stone Sword, by using the same recipe, you can replace the Wood Planks in your Crafting Table with Cobblestone. Cobblestone is a very easy resource to nab once you get your first Pickaxe. Along with finding Dirt in the overworld, you can also come across Stone, a gray block you can discover most during your mining ventures. Although the block won’t look quite the same once you mine it, instead of Stone, you’ll get Cobblestone. Luckily, you’ll need just that in order to craft your sword!

Iron Sword

Getting more advanced, Iron is going to be the next easiest sword to craft, but you’re going to need a better Pick. Iron Ore cannot be picked up by a Wood Pickaxe, it’ll need a Stone Pick to actually drop Iron Ore properly. However, unlike the Wood Planks and Cobblestone, you cannot put Iron Ore in your Crafting Table to achieve an Iron Sword. After making a Furnace from the Cobblestone you’ve collected, you can Smelt your Iron with Coal or Charcoal and it’ll produce an Iron Bar. And with these, you’ll be able to follow the Sword Recipe and craft an Iron Sword to better slay your enemies.

Diamond Sword

Depending on which version you are in, you’ll have to tackle different Levels when it comes to Mining. In Java, Diamond is typically found along the Y-Level of 14, but in Bedrock, the lower you go, the better chance you have of running into clusters of Diamond. The only issue with Bedrock is that Darker Cobblestone has a larger Durability than regular Stone, so using Enchantments on your Pickaxe at this point will help you dig through the lower depths of Bedrock. Diamond is one of the strongest elements in the game and falls back into the category of Craftable Items, so once you achieve two, you are able to use a Crafting Table and immediately produce a Diamond Sword.

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Gold Sword

Before we get into the strongest Sword in the game, you’ll probably come into contact with this Sword first. In the Nether, you’re going to run into Piglin’s that will occasionally drop Gold Swords if defeated. This Sword is craftable back in the Overworld, by using the Iron Sword Method and Smelting Gold Ore to produce Gold Bars. However, it’s relatively weak when it comes to actually using for battling with an approximate strength of Sword with much shorter durability. It does look nice though. 

Netherite Sword

The strongest sword in the game is the Netherite Sword, and is the most difficult to obtain in the game since Ancient Debris is a tricky resource to discover in the Nether. And even once obtained, it cannot be Crafted into a sword, nor can it be Smelted into a viable Material to Craft with. Because Netherite is such a rare material, it can actually be used with just one piece of Netherite to an already existing Item. You can use a Smithing Table to Craft Your Diamond Sword with a Netherite Ingot to craft a Netherite Sword. And thus, you have the strongest sword in the game.

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