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How to Make a Door in Sons of the Forest

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by Jesse Vitelli

Building a proper shelter in Sons of the Forest is one of the keys to survival. Ensuring shelter from the elements and enemies that lurk in the shadows is the only way to survive in Sons of the Forest. A door offers a simple solution to allow yourself and friends in and out of your base without having enemies roll through. Here’s how to make a door in Sons of the Forest.

How to Make a Door in Sons of the Forest

A door requires you to stack seven chopped logs on top of each other. Once you have all seven stacked up, approach the pile with your axe out. You’ll see a red outline in the center. Chope the middle portion of every log except the top one out.

You’ll now have a big hole in the center of the stacked logs. Grab a freshly chopped log, not from this pile, and bring it over to the hole in the middle of the stacked logs. Here you can place the log, which will automatically fit within the hole and create half of a wall.

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Grab another chopped log, bring it back to the hole, and place it there. This will now create a fully functioning door for your shelter.

Now that you have the door all figured out, it’s time to shape up the rest of your base and get ready for the invaders that will eventually come for you and your friends.

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