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How to Make a Door in Minecraft

Don't lose your key

by Patrick Souza

Making a house in Minecraft takes more than putting a few bricks together. You also need to pay attention to details and, most importantly, don’t forget to leave a hole for placing the door, unless you really want to recreate that Drake and Josh moment. Even more important, you need to have said door ready. So here’s how you can craft it easily.

How to Craft a Door in Minecraft

Doors can be made from wood or Iron, whichever you want to use. To make one, you need 6 planks of any wood (but they need to be the same) or 6 iron ingots. Put them all on the crafting table in a door shape so you can get 3 doors out of it. So if you need multiple doors, remember it’s always a 2:1 ratio for your material of choice.

Any player can open the doors freely, as well as the villagers. You can also “borrow” some doors from their villages if you don’t feel like building your own, but that’s not the most practical choice, considering how easily you can make a wood door.

Minecraft Door Recipe
Screenshot by Prima Games

Iron doors are obviously more resistant and will survive a zombie attack unlike wood-made ones, so it’s recommended to make those as soon as you can. But since you won’t have as much iron to spare immediately after starting a new world, chop some trees first and change your door later.

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But if you’re just playing on creative or wanna make a pretty house, just go with the door that best fits the aesthetic of your house, and you can use some other defense means for monster during the night. The iron ones are hella stylish, though.

That’s all you need to know about doors and how to make them in Minecraft. Keep hanging around to find more recipes and tips for building the perfect world all for yourself (and maybe your friends).

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