How to Listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield

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How to Listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield

Throughout the Back to Vectera question in Starfield, you’ll spend most of your time tracking and locating Barrett. He and Heller were captured, and after finding Heller, we learn that Barrett is still missing. To pinpoint his location, we must listen to an emergency transmission. Does this require obtaining a radio? Do we need to travel elsewhere? The possibilities are endless, so I’m here to help you learn how to listen to Emergency Transmission 02 in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Listen to Emergency Transmission 02

To listen to Emergency Transmission 02, enter your character’s inventory and open your notes menu. Here, scroll down until you see “Emergency Transmission 02”, and open it to hear the audio for the recording automatically. You can also read the script if you prefer.

Starfield Emergency Transmission 02
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You won’t see a quest marker next to the transmission, so thoroughly scroll through and read each name until you see it.

Once you listen to the transmission, you’ll immediately receive your next quest objective, allowing you to proceed to the next planet and search for Barrett.

During the transmission, you’ll hear a conversation between Matsura, a member of the Crimson Fleet, and Barrett. In short, Matsura notices Barrett attempting to figure out their location while recording a transmission. However, rather than eliminating him, they tie Barrett up to bring them to their next destination. With this new information, you’ll then go to that planet and see Barrett again.

From this point onward, your future with him will depend on your choices and who you decide to befriend. For now, saving him from the Crimson Fleet is your main priority in this quest.

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