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How to Light Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia

by Nikola Pajtic

Phasmophobia brings the experience of a real-life paranormal investigator into the virtual world. One of the scariest multiplayer games brings feelings of terror and anxiety combined into a psychological horror. The game provides numerous items to make the battle against paranormal forces easier, including Smudge Sticks. But what are Smudge Sticks and how do you light them? Find out in this guide. 

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How to Use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia

The intimidating narrative of Phasmophobia will have you identifying ghosts with every step you take. Smudge Sticks are a must-have item in your inventory as they help you fend off aggressive spirits. 

To activate a Smudge Stick, you need a lighter. So make sure you have it in your inventory whenever you want to light the sticks. Here’s how:

  • Hold the lighter and turn it on
  • Focus your reticle on the Smudge Stick
  • Press F to light the Smudge Stick
  • Throw them on the ground or walk around with one in your hands. 

In addition to a lighter, Smudge Sticks can be lit by a candle. Simply hold a candle over a Smudge Stick and light it up. 

When the Smudge Stick starts to smoke, it can be used in two separate ways. 

Depending on when it is activated, it will either prevent a ghost from hunting for 90 seconds if the spirit is at least six meters away, or it will stop the ghost from hunting for six seconds if it has already entered a hunt found within five meters. 

How to Get Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia

Unfortunately, there is only one way of getting Smudge Sticks. 

Smudge Sticks can be bought through the game’s Purchase Menu, priced at $15 worth of in-game currency. You get four Smudge Sticks in a bundle. 

Now that you know how to get and light Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia go out there and cleanse the area from ghosts. 

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