How to Level Up Guns Fast in COD MW2

Level up your guns fast through bot massacre in this new mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has some of the best FPS multiplayer modes available at the moment. But if you want to join the fray, it’s essential that you not only have the right gun but the right attachments. Unfortunately, these attachments aren’t immediately available. You’ll need to reach certain levels to unlock them, and that requires some grinding.

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How to Level Up Guns Fast in COD MW2: Invasion

The best way to get those levels is through the new multiplayer mode, Invasion. Invasion is a large-scale Team Deathmatch-style mode that mixes a bit of PvP with PvE. This mode pits two teams of 20 players against each other, similar to Ground War. But unlike Ground War, there are a number of bots on each side.

You’ll know exactly who the bots are. You’ll often see them standing still, staring down their sights while aiming at a nearby wall. Their names will also be in blue, if they’re on your side. Use them as meat shields.  

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But the low AI in this mode works in our favor as we level, because the opposing side’s bots are just as stupid. Your goal is to farm as many of these bots as possible while avoiding being killed by the handful of real players on the enemy side.

Before you press play, set yourself up for success by creating a custom perk package. For Tier 1, choose double time to help you close the gap (these maps are big), scavenger to ensure that you can keep fighting, or tracker to help you find those bots. Tier 2 is a little less important, but Spotter can help you steal the enemy kill packages. For Tier 3, select Ghost to help you avoid the endless parade of UAVs which will give away your position as you camp the enemy back line.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll need to track down the enemy spawn. You’ll be able to identify it by following the enemy airplanes, which drop off the opposing team. Once you know where the spawn is, find a good place to camp and start picking off the bots one by one. If you have tactical insertion unlocked, this is a great time to use it.

Don’t forget that you can shoot bots that are deploying from helicopters as well. They’re defenseless, so take advantage of that. And don’t underestimate the power of assists. One bullet might get you +25 exp, and those points add up.

Do this until you start getting notifications that the enemy is now armored, then leave the game and queue up for another one. Rinse and repeat until you’ve hit the level you’ve been grinding for.

How to Level Up Guns Fast in COD MW2: Other Modes

While Invasion is by the far the fastest and most efficient way to level up your guns now, there will be a small-scale map coming, similar to Shoot House 24/7. Once this map goes live, no doubt that will be the easiest way to unlock levels and skins. But until then, enjoy the bot massacre Invasion offers.

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