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How to Level Up Fast in Grand Piece Online

by Nikola Pajtic
Grand Piece Online Level Up Fast

Grand Piece Online is yet another offering in the sea of Roblox experiences. In it, you explore with a crew of friends and prepare for battles against bandits and pirates. There’s tons of stuff for you to do, which will only increase your level in the game. But, do you know how to level up fast in Grand Piece Online? Here’s how.

How to Quickly Level Up in Grand Piece Online

There are a ton of items in the game that demand a certain level, meaning you want to reach that level as quickly as you can. Well, here is what you can do:

Completing Quests

This ultimate sea exploration adventure will have you fulfilling all kinds of different quests. While on the island, be on the prowl for NPCs with large yellow exclamation marks over their heads because they have a task for you. 

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A bunch of these tasks are very easy, completed in a blink of an eye. You will be awarded with precious experience, increasing your level. You can repeat tasks as many times as you want, so go grind. 

Activate Experience Boost

While questing, use EXP Boost to increase the amount of experience points coming in.

Open the in-game shop and find the Boosts menu. Click it, and a new window will open, listing all Boosts you can purchase. One of those is 2x EXP, which will set you back 69R$. It lasts for 15 minutes and will double the experience earned fighting enemies and completing tasks. You can re-activate the boost whenever you want, though it will cost you another R$69 every time you want to activate it. 

Fighting Enemies

Another way to quickly level up in Grand Piece Online is to fight enemies. Defeating bosses will give you a large amount of experience, even more than some quests. 

This is all you can do to level up fast in Grand Piece Online, so go out there and slash enemies, do different chores, and don’t be shy about spending some money to get EXP.

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