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How to Join Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Server

Learn how to join the server.

by Jesse Vitelli

During Minecraft Live 2022, players are able to vote for a new mob to join the world of Minecraft. This event is a limited time only, so getting in and casting your vote is super important. If you’re having trouble joining the Minecraft Mob vote server, we have some help for you below.

How to Join Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Server

The voting time runs from October 14 at 12 pm EST and runs until 12 pm EST on October 15, 2022. This is just 24 hours to get in a vote for a new mob.

How do you cast a vote? You’ll need to join through either Minecraft.Net, the launcher, or a special carnival-themed Bedrock map. Your retail version needs to be on version 1.19.31.

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You will also need to sign in with your official Microsoft account to cast your vote. Once the voting has begun, you’ll be able to either join the special Minecraft Live server from the list of servers, or you can head directly to the official website and click on the “Minecraft Live Mob Vote” banner.

The three mobs you can vote for are as follows:

  • The Sniffer
  • Tuff Golem
  • The Rascal

You can learn more about these mobs on the official Minecraft website. Be sure to read up and cast your vote on the official server when it launches.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to join the Minecraft Mob Vote server, which is part of Minecraft Live 2022. The stream kicks off on October 15, 2022, so be sure to tune in and see which mob won the vote. We have plenty of other helpful guides for Minecraft so be sure to take a look at how to find buried treasure in Minecraft Bedrock edition.