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How to Join Friends in the Diablo 4 Beta

What's Diablo without some co-op?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Whether you’re playing alone or in co-op, Diablo 4 is already proving to be a blast, but the ability to join friends for the adventure has always been one of the franchise’s best aspects. Even though we’re only in the first beta weekend, players can already start joining their friends for the test.

Considering that the game is also cross-platform, figuring out how to invite your friends, or join their party can get convoluted. We don’t want anyone left behind in the Diablo 4 beta, so our guide will outline how you can join friends and how to add them to your game.

Diablo IV – How to Join Friends

Before you join anyone in the beta or invite them to your own group, you need to have them added to your friends list. If you’re on the same console, you can simply add them like you would with most other games. The same sentiment goes for PC players on However, console players will still need to add PC players to their account before they appear on the list.

Once you’ve added the friends you want to play Diablo 4 with, you can open up the main menu, which can be done with a single button or with the map screen. Scroll over to the social tab in the menu and the first thing you’ll see is the friends list. Anyone that is online within the beta will appear here.

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Click on the friend you want to play with and you’ll see a bunch of options. The two that you want are the “invite to party” or the “request to join party” selection. Either way as long as one of you accepts the invitation, you can join your friends for some easy mob grinding in the Diablo IV beta.

And that’s all! For more guides, updates, and news, make sure to check out the dedicated Diablo IV section of our site.

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