Starfield abandoned asteroid mine

How to Investigate the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield

Find Maya Cruz!

After you’ve completed enough tasks for the Freestar Rangers, you’ll be given the mission of investigating an abandoned asteroid mine as part of the Surgical Strike mission. This task can be challenging, so I’ll guide you through navigating the mine to locate Maya Cruz of the First!

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How to Investigate the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield – Surgical Strike Guide

After heading to Sakharov and entering an Eklund Excavation site, you will find yourself having to kill the occasional robot or creature before running into a locked door. This door requires you to cut four pins to open it.

Cuttable Door in Abandoned Asteroid Mine
Cuttable Door in Abandoned Asteroid Mine (Image via Starfield)

Use the Cutter, your guns or any melee weapon to open this door. It is a little tricky to hit the pins on the mark, but keep trying and they will eventually burst, opening the door.

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After entering this door, you will be met with an elevator, more robots and more Shardhoppers. Kill them and you will find yourself next to a small laboratory. Inside of this room to the left will be a monitor that you can use to unlock the next door. This is the point where I personally got stuck, as the monitor is not immediately obvious.

Asteroid Mine Monitor Room (Image via Starfield)

Activating this monitor will open a red door that can be found by heading straight out of this laboratory room and down some steps.

You’ll then enter another crystalline room and traverse a crystal bridge to a lower floor of the cave where you will find a door with a green switch. Watch out for the mines!

From there you will head further into the cave and take another elevator down. You will be greeted by a ton of robots and some deadly mining lasers. Take these mining lasers out quickly before they vaporize you. Clear the floor and climb the crystal tower.

At the top of the tower will be another cuttable wall, and inside will be Maya Cruz! Either kill her or spare her, and take her Encrypted Slate. You may now finally leave this wretched abandoned asteroid mine…

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Now that you know how to investigate the abandoned asteroid mine for the Surgical Strike quest, it’s time to get out there and find Maya Cruz!

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