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How to Install Mods for V Rising

Enjoy modding the hell out of this game.

by Nikola L

Similar to many popular PC Games nowadays, the modding community is very active in V Rising. The game went viral overnight and has sold over one and a half million copies total so far, and it’s only natural that there is a vast array of mods available already. Here’s how to install them in V Rising.

How to Download Mods for V Rising

On Overwolf’s site, you download the Thunderstore Mod Manager. This software serves to manage and download mods for games such as Valheim, Risk of Rain 2, and Dyson Sphere Program.

When you finish the download and installation processes, select V Rising from the game list. You can use the Default profile in the Profile Selection menu just to keep things simpler (hit the Select Profile button).

You should download and install the BepInExPack_V_Rising since this enables the functionality for most V Rising mods out there. It should be easy to search for. As you download mods, you will notice that they are automatically enabled after installation, so make sure that you disable any mods that you do not want to use. When you settle for a selection of mods that you want to play, you can just click the “Start Modded” button that is located in the top left corner.

There is nothing more that you need to do since the Thunderstore Mod Manager automatically pulls the game from Steam and adds the selected mods. Important note: Do not attempt to play online on official servers with mods enabled.
Mods are meant to be used on private servers with your friends or in your local single-player session.

Many players complain about the ineffectiveness of the camera in V Rising, so with a proper mod, now you can do away with this issue. We suggest ModernCamera and HideInterface for these purposes.

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