How to Import CS:GO Config Into CS2

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How to Import Transfer CSGO Config to CS2
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Seasoned FPS veterans love to maintain and cherish their config files, keybindings, macros, and settings, and honestly, nobody can blame them. It’s brilliant that saving your settings and using them later, even after you uninstall the game, is possible. Here’s how you can quickly import your CS: GO config file into CS2 so you do not need to build it from the ground up.

How to Transfer CS: GO Config Into CS2

If you haven’t purged the remnants of CS: GO from your PC, the “legacy” CS: GO config files should be in your \Steam\userdata\STEAMID\730\local\cfg folder. Or in another folder where you’ve (hopefully) backed it up. From there, you must move the .cfg file to the folder where CS2 config files are stored.

Where Are CS2 Config Files Stored? How to Find The Folder

You might be shocked by what you are about to see; CS2 Config Files are stored in a specific CS: GO folder. You will need to find the place where you installed CS2. The complete path to the config (cfg) folder is below:

\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\csgo\cfg

In this cfg folder, you will need to paste your .cfg file. After this is done, you should enter CS2. You can open your console in the main menu by pressing the “~” key. If your console won’t open, you must first enable it.

After you open the console, type in the following command and hit Enter afterward:

exec configname

…where “configname” is the name of your config file. You may have put your name or nickname, or it could be just a generic config.cfg file.

After completing this process, check if everything works properly with the bots (open the console, type in map de_dust2, and hit Enter). You want to avoid having issues in a Competitive or Premier match. If you cannot move or look, we’ll need to make some adjustments to your CFG file available.

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