How to Fix Mouse Look and Movement Keys Not Working in CS2 After CS:GO Config Import


How to Fix not being able to move or mouse look in CS2
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The transition from CS: GO to CS2 did not go as smoothly and streamlined as expected, so a handful of people are encountering issues while importing their old CS: GO configs into CS2. Some players cannot look around with their mouse, and others cannot move their characters. We have a quick solution for both of these issues, which we are glad to present to you below.

How to Solve CS2 Problem That Happens After Importing CS: GO Config (Cannot Look, Cannot Move)

After importing your CS: GO config file and trying to test it out, you will be happy to learn that your crosshair and other visual settings are there, but in case you are not able to look around with your mouse or move, it’s because the commands for these actions in CS2 are different from the ones that we got used to back in CS: GO. Depending on which of the two issues you encounter, you must type in a handful of console commands to solve this problem quickly.

How to Fix Not Being Able to Look Around With Mouse in CS2 After CS:GO Config Import

If your mouse look function isn’t working, but you can normally shoot, use the mouse wheel to jump, use right-click to zoom in (with applicable rifles), here’s what you need to type in your console:

bind “X_AXIS” “rightleft” bind “Y_AXIS” “!forwardback” bind “MOUSE_X” “yaw” bind “MOUSE_Y” “pitch” bind “U_AXIS” “yaw” bind “R_AXIS” “pitch”

How to Fix Not Being Able to Move Around in CS2 After CS: GO Config Import

If your character refuses to move when joining a server, your movement keys get messed up during the transition. Here are the commands that you should use to recover your movement keys:

bind “a” “+left” bind “s” “+back” bind “d” “+right” bind “w” “+forward” bind “shift” “+sprint”

Now that you’ve managed to move and aim again in CS2, feel free to check out whether you should use the “follow recoil” crosshair option in CS2 or not.

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