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How to Bind Jump to Mouse Wheel in CS:GO

AKA Scroll Jumping

Counter-Strike is known for a lot of liberty when it comes to rebinding keys and creating whack config files that include different macros which semi-automate some of the actions in the game, such as jump throwing. Now, you may be wondering why someone would bind jump to their mouse wheel in CS:GO. I will explain all of this below, including how you can easily bind the jump in CS:GO to both directions of your mouse wheel scroll.

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How to Map Jump to Mouse Wheel in CS:GO

Mouse Wheel is used by, I dare say, the majority of the CS:GO players for jumping (this was the case in CS 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source (CSS)) and there is a big reason behind it which will keep it used in Counter-Strike 2 as well. It originates from the original Counter-Strike and Half-Life when strafe jumping (bunny hopping) was possible. During this activity, it is important to time each of your jumps right as soon as you are able to make the next one (when you touch the ground). This is, of course, an inconvenience and you certainly do not want to practice this until the end of eternity. This is why people have invented jumping with your scroll wheel on your mouse, because you are technically adding *a lot* of jump command inputs to the game, which makes you basically unable to miss the timing. You can bind jump to your “mouse wheel up” by typing in this command in the console:

/bind mwheelup +jump

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Or, if you want to bind it to your “mouse wheel down” you can type in the following command:

/bind mwheeldown +jump

Some players use one, some players use both, that is entirely up to you.

You can also try adding it through the in-game options where you are setting your key binds usually, as an alternate bind to the default jump button (Space).

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