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How to Help Addison in Tears of the Kingdom

Box City: Population 1

by Daphne Fama

Oh, Addison. I’d love to have a friend half as loyal as Addison. And as you travel Hyrule, it’s likely that you’ll see him everywhere. Or at least just over a dozen times. Here’s how to help Addison in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Help Addison in Tears of the Kingdom

As you’ve wandered the hills, plains, and mountains of Hyrule, it’s likely you’ve seen a scrawny guy with a bowl cut hanging onto a sign for dear life. This is Addison, and all he wants is to show the world how great his boss is. If you’ve played Breath of the Wilds, you probably agree with him. I know I do, I shed a real tear at that goof’s wedding.

But Addison has a problem. Every single sign he has is missing a leg, and he needs someone (or some thing) to hold it up so he can secure the sign in place.

That’s where we come in. Here’s how we can help Addison.

  • Locate the Hyrule Restoration Materials nearby.
  • If there are no Hyrule Restoration Materials nearby, are you sure? Look really hard.
  • Oh man, there really aren’t any? You might have to cut down some trees. Like a lot of trees.
  • With the materials you have, create a structure that will prevent the sign from falling down using Ultrahand.

When you first encounter Addison, his quest is pretty easy. There’s almost always materials immediately next to him and he’s nearly always on level ground. But as you complete more of these quests, the further the materials will be and, sometimes, the worse they’ll be. You might even encounter some pretty uneven ground.

Fortunately, there’s a structure that works really well.

You have to keep a window open so you can crawl in to talk to Addison.

I call it the box. Create a narrow rectangle and lower it over Addison and his sign. Keep it pretty tight, so that the sign won’t tip over at all. It needs to have resistance at the top and at the bottom. Use as many random bits and bobs as you want to make that possible once you have the base structure.

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If you’re on a leaning surface, use the tripod method (three log at an angle) to keep the structure up. This has worked on literally every single puzzle I’ve encountered with Addison, and I know that it wants me to do something different. And yet it can’t stop me.

For your efforts, you’ll get 20 Rupees, some homemade rice balls, and a material such as a bomb fruit or puffshroom.

It’s not a lot, but we’ll do it for Hudson.

You’ve likely encountered Addison on the way to Kakariko Village. If that’s the case, why not check out how to beat the nearby shrine, Tukarok? How to Complete the Tukarok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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