How to Go Out With People in Secondary School in BitLife

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How to go out with people in secondary school in BitLife
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Often, completing BitLife challenges requires you to perform specific actions in school or at work, with ones like the Thank You, Next challenge asking you to go out with people in secondary school. Let’s discuss what this school is and how to finish this challenging task.

What is Secondary School in BitLife?

Although the name suggests secondary school is the second school you visit, this is not always the case, as this refers to what’s commonly known as high school. In countries like Canada and the United States, secondary school refers to high school, which you visit for four years before entering college, university, or the workforce.

In other words, if BitLife requires you to complete a challenge task in secondary school, you’ll have to age up your character until they enter “secondary school” or “high school”, depending on your chosen country.

How to Go Out With People in Secondary School in BitLife

To go out with people for challenges like the Thank You, Next challenge, you’ll have to pursue romantic relationships with your high school classmates. In short, rather than dating random individuals, befriend and ask out your classmates until you knock out this task. Whether you do this in one year or several is up to you, as long as you romance at least five people.

Just make sure you finish this before graduating from secondary school. In countries like the United States, high school lasts four years, giving you this much time to accomplish what you need to.

Similarly, if you’re attempting other challenges and want to become captain of a sports team, enter a clique, or befriend several classmates, you’ll only have four years to do these, too. Try to complete these sooner rather than later to make things easier on yourself.

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