How to Become a Nurse in BitLife

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How to become a nurse in BitLife
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Becoming a nurse in BitLife more challenging than it may seem, as you’ll have to get a specific university degree and make enough money to pay your tuition debt. Here’s a complete guide to landing this job.

BitLife – How to Become a Nurse

To become a nurse in BitLife, you must obtain a nursing degree from university and complete a two-year nursing course. If you get any other university degree, you’ll be unqualified for nursing school, requiring you to restart the process on a new character.

Obtaining a Nursing Degree

Your first step to successfully getting a nursing degree is to keep your smart stats high throughout your character’s childhood and secondary school life. You can raise your smarts by reading books and visiting the library. A good baseline for applying to university is 70% smarts.

Once you apply for a nursing degree in university, you have a few choices for paying your tuition. In some countries, your tuition will be free, eliminating this concern. However, if you have to pay for your schooling, you have three options:

  1. Apply for a scholarship
  2. Ask your parents to pay
  3. Apply for a student loan

Always apply for a scholarship before asking your parents or applying for a loan. Scholarships are a great way to get a free ride into university, and there are no downsides to picking this option. However, it is not guaranteed you’ll receive a scholarship; having high smarts and studying hard in school will raise your odds of success, though!

If you don’t receive a scholarship, you can ask your parents to pay or handle the loan yourself. While the latter will chip away at your finances after graduation, the money you make from becoming a nurse will immediately offset this.

Entering Nursing School

Once you graduate with a nursing degree, apply for nursing school and repeat the process. Nursing school is only a two-year commitment, allowing you to pursue a nursing career shortly after. Like university, there is a tuition fee, which you can pay for with a scholarship, parental assistance, or out-of-pocket.

Applying for a Nurse Job Position

After graduating from nursing school, head into your full-time job list and search for the Associate Nurse position. It will appear in the middle of your job list with a hospital tag and emoji next to its name.

Since you have a nursing degree, hospital jobs such as nurse, physician, and surgeon will frequently appear in the list, giving you several options. Apply for the position and pass the interview to become a nurse in BitLife.

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