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How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finally, a sprint mechanic!

The Pride of the Valley update to Disney Dreamlight Valley has rejuvenated the Valley with tons of new and exciting content and features. One of these features is the ability to glide, which has been long-requested by the loyal fanbase. The gliding mechanics are a bit tricky, and there are multiple requirements that must be met before you are able to do it. Without further ado, continue reading to learn how to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To be able to sprint in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you first need to be well-fed. You can become well-fed by eating cooked meals. Once you eat enough cooked food, you will start to see a yellow bar form on your stamina bar, which allows you to glide.

To glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, simply hit Shift on PC, B on Xbox, or SQUARE on Playstation when your well-fed bar has some juice.

Gliding in DDLV (Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley)

This will allow you to hover in the air with increased movement speed, an important feature for those looking to travel around the Valley efficiently.

Gliding will diminish your yellow well-fed bar, and you will stop gliding once the bar has been depleted. To regenerate it, simply eat more cooked food.

Keep in mind you cannot replenish your well-fed bar with raw food or fruits. Only cooked food.

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If you’re looking to glide around in Disney Dreamlight Valley often, it’s probably a good idea to keep a large stash of cooked food on-hand at all times.

Now that you know how to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s time to get out there and hover to your heart’s content!

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