So, you're wanting to figure out how to add some of the iconic Pokemon of Pokemon Sword and Shield to your roster. We don't blame you. There's tons to get caught up on before the DLC drops in June 2020 that everyone's frothing for, so now is as good a time as any to complete your Pokedex. If you've been wondering how to get Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword, well, here's how it's gonna go. 

How to Get Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword

For those who aren't quite sure what a Zamazenta is, well, maybe stay out of this guide for the time being and gun your way through the main game first. However, if it's just a matter of selective amnesia, then let us refresh your memory. Zamazenta is the Legendary Pokemon that features in Pokemon Shield i.e. the shield dog. Conversely, Zacian is the Legendary Pokemon that features in Pokemon Shield i.e. the knife dog.

"But wait," you might be crying out, "aren't those Legendaries version exclusives?" Well, yes. They are. As such, the solution to any questions about how to get Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword will be singular: trading. You cannot catch Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword. Sure, you can fight this shield dog, but you can't actually catch it in the course of fighting it in Pokemon Sword - you'll only be able to catch the Zacian that rocks up after to beat your ass. 

Unfortunately, there's no other workaround at this rate. To even get close to a whiff of Zamazenta will require you to have become the Pokemon Champion and to have gunned through the back portion of the game where you're basically taking down Dynamaxed Pokemon left, right and center before the damn dogs even show up, so good luck! Of course, we're not surprised; neither Zacian nor Zamazenta were going to bow down for just anyone. 

Now that you've got the relatively disappointing answer to how to get Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword, why not check out some of the other tips and tricks that we've put together for those of you who are committed to exploring Galar?