How to Get Young Kratos Skin in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla

Beard or no beard?

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Who was Kratos before he was a grizzled old dad? Here’s how to get the Young Kratos Skin in God of War Valhalla.

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How to Get Young Kratos Skin in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla

Kratos’ path to becoming a God of War was one fraught with bloodshed and violence. But his journey with Atreus has softened the old man, giving him a depth that he didn’t seem capable of a decade ago when all he could think about was vengeance.

And now, in Valhalla, Kratos faces the demons of his youth.

Valhalla offers players a unique game mode that deviates from the storied tradition of the franchise. And yet, there’s a prize worth waiting for if you manage to complete it. To get the Young Kratos Skin, you’ll need to complete the game.

Yes, that’s right. You’ll need to completely conquer the many rooms of Valhalla, defeating Tyr each time, until you reach the end. Once Kratos is confronted with each of his violent, hate-fueled actions, and comes to accept that despite that, he’s still capable of good, he’ll truly have earned the skin.

You can expect to spend around four hours in the Valhalla DLC to complete it, give or take. Once you’ve completed the DLC, head back to The Shore and speak with Freya and Sigrun.

Then, return to the gateway to Valhalla and speak with Gunnr to get your new set of Spartan Armor. Head to the adjacent Appearance Pedestal and from here, you can switch between your classic grizzled appearance to Young Kratos. To complete the outfit, you should equip the Glory of Sparta chest piece, the Pride of Sparta wrist armor, and the Mark of Sparta.

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