How to Get Wolf Jawbones in WoW: Season of Discovery

All Wolf Jawbones drop from Wolves, but not all Wolves have Jawbones..

Screenshot of Nartok in WoW SoD.
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Warlocks in WoW: Season of Discovery are conducting all sorts of funky rituals using bits and bobs from creatures all across the land. One of these incantations leads to the Rune of Grace, but you’ll need the jawbone of a wolf, and apparently those are a rarity these days.

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Wolf Jawbone Farming in WoW: Season of Discovery

The fastest way to get a Wolf Jawbone is to farm any wolf species found in the Coldridge Valley portion of Dun Morogh, shown below. If you’re in a pinch or can’t get to Dun Morogh, these also drop from wolves in Elwynn Forest and darkhounds Tristfal Glades.

The Wolf Jawbone is required to carry out incantations from Ominous Tomes, and Ominous Tomes drop from different sources. Depending on where yours is from (be it Wendigos in Dun Morogh or Kobolds from Elwynn Forest), you may not need a jaw bone at all. So be sure you check the text on your tome before you go farming!

The Ominous Tomes that require Wolf Jawbones are dropped from:

  • Wendigos in Dun Morogh.
  • Kobolds in the Elwynn Forest.
  • Darkeye Bonecasters in Tristfal Glades.

According to Wowhead’s user-reported drop chances, the highest portion of these do drop in Dun Morogh, so if you’re able to get there and want a quicker farm, I’d suggest popping over. The highest drop chance might appear low, but it’s important to remember this is a unique item that doesn’t drop for all players, so it shouldn’t take as long as it appears at first blush. If you’re a Warlock who can use a Tome, you’re eligible for the drop.

If you’re playing a class other than Warlock, check out our tips on finding Runes that suit your playstyle!

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