How to Get Vulpix in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

One small red fox coming right up.

Pokemon anime screenshot of Kantonian Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix facing each other.

The Pokemon franchise has come a long way since 1996, having reached over 1,000 entries in its Pokedex with the arrival of Generation IX. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Dex goes up to precisely 400 creatures, and it has expanded even further with Pokemon HOME and The Teal Mask update. It’s only natural that trainers would search for their old fellows in the new games, such as the classic Gen 1 Pokemon. A very popular one is Vulpix, which finally made its comeback in the new DLC.

Can You Catch Vulpix in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Average Kitsune enjoyers were initially heartbroken at learning that Vulpix was unavailable in base Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But you can now catch the classical fox Pokemon in Kitakami Island, the setting for The Teal Mask DLC. Vulpix is found next to Mossui Town.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet player character sneaking up on a Vulpix in the grass.
Screenshot by Prima Games

They are commonly seen around Reveler’s Road at the eastern exit of the town, a bit past Professor Jacq. You can use a Sandwich with Encounter Power: Fire if you’re having difficulties encountering it, but it probably won’t come to that. Save your ingredients for shiny hunts if you’re into those.


If you keep heading through Reveler’s Road, you can spot a gold-shining Vulpix with the Fairy Tera Type nearby! It’s a guaranteed encounter, so you might wanna go for this one.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Kitakami map showing Vulpix Location near Mossui Town.
The exact spot for the fixed Tera Vulpix | Screenshot by Prima Games

How to Get Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’re looking for Vulpix’s icy counterpart, you won’t find it out in the wild. Instead, to get Alolan Vulpix, you’ll have to transfer it from Pokemon HOME. You can find Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Sword and Shield if you have the Isle of Armor DLC, or Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

If you have any of the above games, you can get Alolan Vulpix as follows:

  • Isle of Armor: Find and return 20 Alolan Diglett to the green-clad NPC hanging out by the dojo. (As a side note, he’ll also give you all the other Alolan Pokemon for returning various numbers of Diglett.)
  • Pokemon Legends: Arceus: Complete Keaka’s request to help him find his five missing Alolan Vulpix in the Alabaster Icelands.
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!: Trade a Kantonian Vulpix to an NPC in the Celadon City Pokecenter. (Note that you do not have this option in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!)

After you’ve done any one of these, you can freely transfer your Alolan Vulpix to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet by using the Pokemon HOME app on your Switch.

If you don’t have Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, or Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor, you might just want to try to convince a gracious friend to trade one with you. If all else fails, offer up a sacrifice in Scarlet and Violet’s Surprise Trade feature, then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

How to Evolve Vulpix in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To guarantee your Ninetales Pokedex entry, you can immediately evolve Kantonian Vulpix with a Fire Stone as soon as you catch one. If you’ve managed to get your hands on an Alolan Vulpix, you can evolve it with an Ice Stone. That’ll evolve your ice-type Vulpix into the similarly frigid Alolan Ninetails.


Make sure that you learn all important moves before evolving Vulpix because Ninetales won’t learn any new moves through leveling and can’t remember many of Vulpix’s old moves.

If you’re looking for a stone to evolve your Vulpix, Fire Stones will become available at any Delibird Presents shop for 3,000 Pokedollars after you beat your third gym. You can also find them as random items littered around Levincia. Ice Stones are a little harder to find, but you’ll want to check random items spawning on the ground of Glaseado Mountain. You also have a chance at finding either stone at the Port Marinada auction house.

If you’re still pondering about getting yourself the Pokemon DLC or not, take a look at all of the new Pokemon we got.

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