How to Get Vampire’s Gift in Starfield

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Starfield Vampire's Gift Unique Weapon
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There are numerous reasons why you should join a faction in Starfield. Besides having some of the coolest questlines in the game, they also offer a variety of extravagant rewards. One such reward is a unique rifle. The reward is you get to buy it from someone else, thereby putting credits in their pocket. But hey, it’s a superb rifle! Here is how to get Vampire’s Gift in Starfield.

Where to Get Vampire’s Gift in Starfield

To get Vampire’s Gift in Starfield, you must first join the UC Vanguard and progress to the “Hostile Intelligence” faction quest; then, you may buy this unique rifle from Gualter. He’s a faction-specific vendor, so you can’t find him randomly in the world and purchase items from him any other time. You must join the Vanguard.

Is it worth enduring the lengthy questline for this rare rifle? Sure. Besides its futuristic appearance, Vampire’s Gift has modest damage, a high rate of fire, and a helpful effect that will help keep you alive and in the fight—perfect for a recruit in the UC Vanguard!

Vampire’s Gift Stats and Details

The drum magazine, extreme accuracy, and relatively high rate of fire make this rare rifle an exceptional, unique weapon in Starfield. If you can look past its size, which is quite hefty, and you’re willing to pay the credit fee for ownership, then Vampire’s Gift is a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage:18
  • Ammunition Type: 7.77MM Caseless
  • Magazine Size: 66
  • Fire Rate: 120
  • Range: 21
  • Accuracy: 75.3%
  • Mass: 4.85
  • Value: 14586
  • Mod Slot 1: Recon Laser Sight
  • Mod Slot 2: Suppressor
  • Mod Slot 3: Folding Stock
  • Mod Slot 4: Flechette Drum Magazine
  • Mod Slot 5: High Velocity
  • Mod Slot 6: Burst Fire
  • Rare Effect: Med Theft – Increases the chance of human enemies dropping Med Packs on death.
  • Item ID: 002FAC66

With six out of seven mod slots in use, you have one spare to customize this unique rifle to make it your own. But the pre-installed mods prove somewhat effective at taking down most enemies in the game, especially Terrormorphs during the UC Vanguard questline.

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