How to Get Unique Ship Modules in Starfield

The most unique ship in the Settled Systems.

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When you visit a Ship Services Technician in Starfield, you’re given a nice list of modules to choose from that can complement most ship designs. You have your fair share of Habs, Cockpits, Grav Drives, and many others. However, these aren’t the only modules you can get for ships. Here’s how to get unique ship modules in Starfield.

Where to Find Unique Ship Modules in Starfield

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Unique ship modules can be found by visiting specific Ship Services Technicians in key locations. These tend to be the main base for that particular manufacturer, and so their Technicians tend to sell you modules that they developed. The Technicians that sell these modules can be found in the following locations:

  • New Homestead (Titan, Sol system)
  • Deimos Staryard (Deimos, Sol system)
  • Stroud-Eklund Staryard (Dalvik, Narion system)
  • HopeTown (Polvo, Valo system)
  • Ryujin Tower – Taiyo Astroneering Floor (Volii Alpha, Volii system)

While you can find select modules from each of these manufacturers at other Ship Services Technicians, the Technicians at these locations sell a wider variety of the company’s modules.

Which Ship Manufacturer Sells the Best Unique Modules in Starfield?

Starfield Ryujin Industries Ship Services Technician
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The best manufacturer for unique ship modules will mostly come down to personal preference, but I suggest Deimos if you’re like me and appreciate a well-rounded inventory. There are very few niches from Deimos that you can’t fill, and their modules often have the best looks (only second to Taiyo Astroneering). Given the niches that the other four fill, you might have a different answer.

How to Get More Ship Modules in Starfield

If you aren’t happy with the selections you see, there is a way to get more ship modules as purchase options. While this doesn’t work for every Ship Services Technician, waiting 24 in-game hours at a seating area nearby and checking their stock again can swap out a few options for some new ones. It may only be a couple, but more options are more options.

If you’re trying to figure out which ship modules to go with, check out our guide on the best Reactor in Starfield.

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