How to Get Tungsten in Starfield

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Tungsten is a heavy-but-necessary resource you can get in Starfield. You’ll need it to build a few Outpost facilities during your travels, but you’ll often feel like missing out on it if you don’t stock up on some good amounts, so here’s where you should be headed to easily get more of this not-so-rare material in Starfield.

Where to Find Tungsten in Starfield

The straightforward method to get Tungsten is to gather it from various planets. The initial Alpha Centauri system has two planets you can explore to get it early, namely Voss and Bondar. Head to any of these and look for the mineral while exploring it. Bondar is quite peaceful in general, and there are a few Tungsten minerals next to the Civilian Outpost landing mark.

Look for the “W” symbol when scanning a planet to know if it has Tungsten. You can then land and start mining it regularly with your Cutter or just set up an Outpost dedicated to Tungsten. Leave a Crew member to take care of it to ensure your crops will be safe.

Starfield Tungsten Gather
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Tungsten can also be bought from a few stores in the Resources tab, such as in the Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis (Jemison) or the Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon (Volii Alpha). But one of the most popular sources for easy Tungsten in the game is found in Titan, one of Saturn’s moons in the Sol system.

Starfield Tungsten Titan Moon
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Where to Buy Tungsten in Starfield

Aside from having harvestable Tungsten naturally, you can visit the New Homestead colony in Titan. Enter the facility and go through the first door in front of you. You’ll see a store to the left of the room where Jae Montrael is selling some goods. Among these, we find Tungsten, Uranium, and various other minerals. But the biggest difference is that there’s a chair in his store.

Starfield Tungsten Store
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Sit on the chair and wait eight hours, then speak with Jae and he’ll have completely refilled his Tungsten stock. Each of them costs 16 Credits, so you can stock on them as much as your Mass Limit allows you. Or just go back to your ship to drop a few on your cargo if you need to. This works for other minerals in his stock too, so feel free to exploit that as you want!

What is Tungsten Used for in Starfield

Tungsten is a crafting resource used primarily for building resources for your outpost. Crafting and weapon mods use tungsten as well. Whatever it is you use it for, you will need plenty of it in your playthrough.

This is one of the many minerals you’ll have to collect in order to truly conquer the stars and beyond in Starfield. Take a look at where you can get Copper.

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