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How to Get Tropius in Pokemon GO

Stop trying to make me go outside

by Daphne Fama

Pokemon GO is a game that aspires to motivate its trainers to do novel things like “go outside” and “make friends”. It’s a revolutionary concept for a video game that I’m not sure I 100% get behind, and to that end it’s made certain Pokemon region locked. Tropius is one of those Pokemon. Here’s how to get Tropius in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Tropius in Pokemon GO

I’ll be honest, I love Tropius. I love his goofy wings and his weird chin fruit. And so, it always breaks my heart how obscenely difficult and random getting your hands on this Pokemon is.

Tropius is a Pokemon that entered the game region locked. In the wild, it can only be found in Africa and the Mediterranean as an uncommon spawn. If you don’t mind a little globetrotting, it doesn’t matter where you land on the African continent, it’s possible to find them anywhere once you’re within those geographical borders.

As for the Mediterranean, you must be a little more precise. You must be in Southern Spain or in countries on the Mediterranean Sea, like Cyprus and Malta. I deeply regret not finding Tropius while I was in Malta.

If you don’t see Africa or the Mediterranean in your future, there’s two more ways to access this leafy brontosaurus. You can either get one from a friend who’s visited these regions… but even that friend will have to be within a certain distance from you, with 100 meters being the max.

The second option is to take advantage of Pokemon GO events. Tropius appears in these events rarely, like during Pokemon GO Tours. Unfortunately, these events are usually paid to play. But if you don’t have a ticket, there’s nothing really stopping you from being within proximity to the event and hoping for a Wild Encounter with Tropius.

This happened during the GO Tour event in Las Vegas, with over 17,000 un-ticketed players showing up at the public park where the event was hosted. This ultimately crashed the servers for everyone involved, so your mileage with this method may vary.

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