How to Get to Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

Well, they're definitely as nasty as vultures.

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If you’re willing to explore the world of Starfield enough, you’re bound to find a ton of unique locations that each feature some unique loot, rewards, and enemies. Take the secret base on Denebola I-B, which includes the ship and outfit of the legendary Mantis. It’s also an incredible early-game ship, which is a plus. One other location houses some great and unique rewards. Here’s how to get to Vulture’s Roost in Starfield.

Where to Find Vulture’s Roost in Starfield

The Vulture’s Roost location can be found in the Jaffa system. This one isn’t too difficult to find, located right next to the Porrima system and just south of the Kryx system. It’s also surrounded by the Ophiuchi, Marae, and Schrodinger systems if that helps. Once there, have a look at the planet of Jaffa IV to find Vulture’s Roost.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll find a whole host of Ecliptic Mercenaries who are less than happy to see you’ve landed here.

What Interesting Things Can Be Found at Vulture’s Roost?

While most of Vulture’s Roost is no different than any other merc-owned location in Starfield, there is one very unique thing you can get. As you explore the base, you’ll come across a large hangar full of enemies that need to be killed. As you reach it though, a ship will land in the hangar filled with a few enemies to kill. Once they’re all dead, you can enter the Dagger ship and claim it for yourself by sitting down in the captain’s chair.

The Dagger itself is a Class A ship, meaning you don’t need levels in the Piloting skill to fly it. However, it also isn’t the greatest ship to add to your fleet. It might do a bit better than the default Frontier ship, but that’s where the praise for it ends. If you aren’t super early in the game, you’re better off forgetting it exists.

If you’re looking for the other free ships you can get, check out our guide on all free ships in Starfield.

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